Lotus in the two stroke world..wait....did i hear that right...

That is really cool. I mean, REALLY cool.

ill be stoked to see this come to life. BUT see some masive complications.

That article was written almost three years ago, i wonder how far they took the project.

o shit...didnt even see that..i wonder to.

There are outboard engines that use this exact same technology. The military uses them. I'm gonna look for the article

o shit! i totely forgot about the multi-fule outboreds..and to come and think that im a BRP factory trained tec...lol

i think the multi-fule system is a bit diffrent. the army has been using multi-fule motors for years apon years apon years. im pretty sure all it is,is a glorifide dielse.

Almost every manufacture has some sort of interesting experimental engine on the shelf or in the works. Toyota has one that switches from twostroke to fourstroke while running.

the military engines in humvee's and in MRAP's MAT-V's and all the other variants can run on straight diesel or on JP-8 the older 5-tons and stuff could run on damn near anything flammable.

Picture in the article shows a 4 stroke engine with direct engine, am I missing something?

Thing to remember is that its been about 160 years since Abraham Gesner discovered a quick and cost effective method to distill fuel from fossill matter.Since that time development of anything that uses fuel has followed the constantly changing evolution of available fuels...in short.. engine development follows fuel deveopment.

new and novel ideas for engines are a dime a dozen,fuel development is the real challenge..

IMHO of course :ride:

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