kx 125 mods

just got a 99 kx 125 thats needs a little TLC for 750$ only major thing is front fork rebuild cause one fork leaks a little. what are some good power mods to do its got a pro Circuit pipe needs some new reeds(what kind?) also going to do a new top end do after market piston make for power like a wiseco. any advice would be nice. thanks

Those forks are easy they aer cartridge forks. Best power mods would be, rebuild that rear shock because if the fork seals are leaking, the Previous owner definitely did not have the shock serviced, new linkage bearings if they cant be salvaged by being cleaned and greased. Fresh tires. You cant use any of the bikes power if its handling abilities are clapped out, and whats the point in having tons of power without good tires to put it to the ground? i'd start there before any engine mods, although I do suggest a new set of reeds if it needs it, and definitely give it a fresh top end. I always use wiseco pistons.

thanks its got a brand new front tire and fairly new rear and were do you get a shock rebuild kit for the rear shock i cant find one and also how hard is it to rebuild the rear shock? thanks

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more info

anyone else have any opinions?

I can rebuild forks no problem, but have not ventured into a shock so I couldnt tell you. I have a guy that services them for 50 bucks for me oil and nitrogen included, so thats cheap enough for me to keep my hands out of it.

how will this bike be ridden?

what do you weigh?

shock require a few special tools and the ability to charge the nitrogen, just have it rebuilt by a shop, i have a few friends from mass, they have good suspension guys there somewhere.

it will be ridden kinda hard mainly sand pits and a couple times to the motocross track just on practice days and i weigh 150 soaking wet my fork rebuild kit should be here tomorrow i will probably bring the rear shock to be rebuilt at bcs performance in Springfield mass

get the proper for and shock springs before anything else.

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