so long motocross

This will be my final post on anything wasnt for me, thanks for everything yall did to help me out while i was into it...


well that blows.

Bummer hope you didn't decide to trade this in for .....?

what about trails or woods?

please explain

another forum suicide note, a cry for help similar to posting :smirk: as your facebook status.

Bullshit, you'll be back!

They always come back

The ones who are really going away don't post threads like this..

see u in a month or 2 either way your welcome and never regret anything

lol, all im gonna say.

well if ur gonna be like that we didnt need u anyways...

What a big baby. My girlfriends son does the same kind of crap lol, he's 10.

i do the same thing every time i break the bike, then i fix it and its all better

Another kid who thought this sport wouldn't require any work (i.e. practice, dedication, commitment,!). :smirk:

"Good things come to those who wait." ...and persevere.

This guy is going wake up tomorrow and be like "damn, why did i post that" and go ride :smirk:

i do the same thing every time i break the bike, then i fix it and its all better


bro whyyyy!?!?!?!?

I left MX too!

37 years ago.

Every morning I wake up and tell myself that I'm done posting anything on TT, and then every evening I find myself posting more nonsense on here.:smirk: ...but quit riding? Never, I'm a "dirtbikeaholic." It sure beats drinking, sniffing paint, or hanging with thousand dollar hookers.:smirk:

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