Durty Dabbers Mill hall PA dual sport

Anyone going? Anyone know if there is a tech inspection and if so what are they looking for? and how and when do you get gas?

I'm not going, but Mill Hall is the general area that I ride in. Should be interesting. I know nothing of the group. Have fun!

No tech inspection.

There are gas stops frequently enough along the routes for most people/bikes. There is one stage that can be long between gas stops, so for those concerned they have a gas truck, where you can have YOUR gas can transferred to a pre-determined location.

Yes I will be there. I live in the area and ride a lot of the routes that the course uses. It will be with out a doubt be a great time.! :smirk:

Yeah no tech inspection but that doesn't mean bring your MX bike with your license plate duct taped to your fender. we should have another 400 + riders show up. come and join in on the fun.

Yes I will be there. I live in the area and ride a lot of the routes that the course uses. It will be with out a doubt be a great time.! :ride:

We have a camp just west of the ride. I will be there this weekend (duel sport ride) and over the 4th. It would be nice to hook-up for a ride sometime.

I came down for just Sunday, had a great time as always. Well, maybe other than the last rocky road after lunch. That kind of finished me off.....

The ATV area is always a blast!

Did both days, had a blast! Hands down one of the most fun things I have done on motorcycle. Both days were pretty Epic. Did both water crossings. Drowned the XR on the first one but she started on the second kick after I got her on dry ground. The guys with the 2 smokes and KTM's were there for about a half hour trying to restart there bikes. We got them all going but one. This guy came in hot on a KX 250 and locked the motor up solid. We figure at those high Rpms the motor sucked water and bent the rod. It was a blast. Can't wait till next year

Is there anyone that went to Dirty Dabbers that also went to Hanging Rock a few weeks back? I'm thinking of going to Dirty Dabbers one of these years, but the only place I've been off roading in PA is Hillsville. I had some trouble in the really tight stuff and optional sections at Hanging Rock, and wondered how I'd do at Dirty Dabbers.

Went both days and it was great. Did all the water crossings and watch a bike go under. I will be going back next year. There was nothing too hard however if you don't like rocks it would not be easy. Then on Sunday after lunch the never ending small rocky road that beat you up for the last time. Overall A+!

Science - There wasn't any real tight areas. More technical over rocks with rocky washed out climbs and decents.

We went and had alot of fun .. Was hoping for more woods and less road/dirt roads but what ev

The dust on Sat. before the rain storm was real bad... made me welcome the freezing rain.. haha


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