Pulling a Flywheel from a '01 WR426

Does anyone know if there is a specific flywheel puller for the WR's? The universal puller that you can buy for most bikes is threaded and the WR does not have threads inside the flywheel (just on the shaft) Any ideas? Thanks!


You need a 3 point puller. I used a steering wheel puller from Sears.

tc-I tried to use one of those ( I got it at shucks), but it ended up being too big for the small flywheel..it was all the way to the edge of the slots of the puller and it was bending washers and bolts when I pulled on it because it wasn't a flat surface where I was forced to put the bolts in the puller. Does that make any sense?


If its like mine the back side is flat. Flip it over and use longer bolts to attach it. The bolts I used were about 3".

I bought a cheap harmonic balancer puller from Harbor Freight or some place like that when I pulled mine to put on flywheel weight.

I cranked it down pretty hard and it finally popped off. I've since read here on TT to wrench the puller tight and Whack it with a plastic mallet and it'll pop off.

Worked well and only cost about $8. :)

Thanks to both for the good ideas...wish me luck.

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