Broken Kick Starter Shaft !!

Hey guy's, I'm looking for some help for my brother in law. He has an 02 WR250. He just broke his 2nd kicker shaft in a year. Barely rides the thing....

Anyone out there know of an issue with this? He's not a silver back gorrilla or anything. Just an average 50 year old dude trying to keep playing in the dirt. Bike does seem to be a hard starter....

any info is appreciated,


Tony :smirk:

well in 02 it required use of the decomp lever.

is he using it?

or has he put an 03 or newer exhaust cam in it?

To break the lever means he is jumping on it, not right.

A gentle press with an increase in speed as the lever travels. Not an ' With all my body weight I am going to kick this mutha as hard and as fast as my mass and muscles will allow'. Technique, not brutality.

great advice ..... I think you hit it on the head.


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