Q4: is this dent supposed to be here?

Hey guys, Just got my Q4 in the mail today. I noticed this deformation in the tubing, is this for fitment or is this damaged?






I dont think that looks legit.

You should PM Grannie to get the definitive answer though.

P.S. Call Dave at MRD when you want to acquire the sweet exhaust.

For the q4 on my klr650 that dent was to avoid hitting the brake caliper.

I am pretty sure you are o.k....I just got a 4.1 for my 07 and it had the exact same indent. I thought the same thing. So actually your post assures me that it there fore a reason.

my Q4 has the same dent. It appears to increase the clearance between the pipe and the shock.

Thanks for the help everyone. It looks like it is for fitment, the vendor said all the q pipes have this feature. So....good news!!! Time to do some wrenching.....

Yes its for shock spring clearance. I had a Pro Circuit header that left the factory without the indentation. It fit without touching the spring but made one hell of a noise when the suspension was working. I actually thought my linkage bearings were done. Upon inspection, my linkage was fine as were the shock heims. I was scratching my head as to what the noise could be then noticed that the header had a deep gouge where the spring had been rubbing. I took it to Pro Circuit and they informed me that it was supoosed to have an indentation. Needless to say they replaced it for me with their latest header and all is good.

That is the midpipe and yes it is intended to be there. It wouldn't fit otherwise.

It's for the spring my pro circuit mid pipe has the same dent

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