jetting question 99 kx250

i have a 99 kx250 with V Force Reeds and a pro circuit full exhaust pipe.Righ now i have stock jetting in the bike and need to do a tune..What kind of jets and tuning should i do? What about the needle clip? Im new to 2 stroke tuning so any help would be great.


What sort of problems do you have? What are you trying to accomplish?

If the bike is running good and the plug color looks ok, and there is little to minimal spooge, walk away. Save your money and time.

well power is there but its a little soft up in the high rpm rang. Plug looks normal just thinking if i try to play with the jetting it will help the high rpm out.

45 pilot, 1.5 turns out on the air screw. 158 main, needle clip 3rd from the top. this is assuming 70 degree temp with 0-3000 ft. elevation. i have the same bike as you and i've played with the jetting quite a bit and found that the settings i mentioned work awesome and dont spooge much.

do a searh for chokey. follow his writeup

It would also help if you tell us what type of riding you do? MX, trail, HS?

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