XR Forks Question

I just had my forks rebuilt with correct spings, shim pak mod......

I put everything back together with a new RSW fork brace. My question is about fork height. I ride wooded trails, I'm 225 - 230 lbs with gear. Where should my forks be locked in? Flush with top of triple clamp?



Running the forks higher in the clamps makes for quicker/sharper turning, whereas running them down in the clamps makes for better hi speed stability. That being said, I ride strictly trail with my XR and running them flush with the top of the top clamp provides plenty of turning ability and I get all the hi speed stability.

So now knowing how fork height effects the steering, set them at one extreme, go ride, then set them at the other, go ride and see which end of the spectrum you prefer and go from there.

Makes sense....I'll try it out. Thx

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