Bring back the Grand National Champion title?


1983 was the first year of the Wrangler Super Series Grand National Championship & only lasted a few years. The grand National Champion title was awarded to the rider with the most combined points in Supercross & Motocross.

I think it would be cool to bring back the Grand National Championship. It would have to be formatted a little differently now because there are only two classes unlike the old days of 125s, 250s, & 500s.

Here's my idea of how it would work:

Supercross-points are only earned in the Supercross class (sorry Lites riders)

Motocross-points are earned in both 250 & 450 classes.

In theory a privateer racing 450 Supercross & 250 Motocross could win & it might make guys rethink their SX only contracts.

What do YOU guys think?

amen!!! that would bring the sponsors into the full year and get rid of these teams that only race on or the other. and the people that are strong in one and just ride around in the other would dig deep to try and get that championship! i sure wish they would bring back a lot of the older stuff.... like open classes (450f's and 500T's) , (350f's and 350T's)mx class... and the (250f's vs 250T) lites class. one can only dream right? :smirk:

In the days of the Grand National Championship, titles were still awarded to the AMA individiual class champs. The GNC title was an additional championship & that's what I still have in mind for a new GNC. It would be an addition, not a replacement.

Yeah it would be sweet to see it again. MXA run an unofficial version of the "Grand national Champion" each year.

Good idea, although I tend to think that if it's just a title, it won't really change any behaviours as far as SX only contracts go. Also because of the regional nature of 250 SX half the riders won't be contention.

Put a big bag of money on the line and maybe it will help draw some riders ....

i don't know... the teams are fighting over the ama titles. thats what the sponsors what. so they can put in the advertising "helped claim the xyz national title x years now" i think it would be good. its not like it would take any cash to set up races or any of that stuff. just scoring and the title stuff. so im sure they could find the funding and maybe even a small purse!

now my other idea of the new classes is a little out there but like i said one could dream! =displacement would be awesome!

It's just what racing needs right now. Put up a wad of cash and make a huge deal out of it.

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