The investigation begins

OK 2002 KLX 300, Free mods done, Keihnin FCR 35mm installed 155 Man 52 pilot no AP jet. When I installed the carb i had a flooding problem, basically if I left the gas on for more than 10 minutes after I shut it off it would floo the bike out. I adjusted the floats and it seemed to fix the problem, meaning if I left the gas on for an hour or so the bike would flood but as long as I shut it off in a reasonable time it would be fine. I went riding about a month ago elevation 100 feet (desert) bike ran great did not need hot start to start bike at all. Shut off the gas when I finished the ride but did not run the bowl empty. Bike sat for about 3-4 weeks (shameful I know need to ride more) Started the bike in the garage Friday before Saturday ride and te bike started fist kick hot start on, let the bike warm upand drained the carb bowl. Shut everything off and headed out Saturday morning. arrived at staging area 3726 feet about 70 degrees, turned on gas, bike started first kick with hot start (acts as choke when cold). Let it warm up turn hot start off and bike dies. immediately try to restart and gas is pouring out of overflow tube, bike is flooded. Shut gas off clear out carb bike fiinally starts, turn on gas bike won't run with hot start off, leave hot start on bike runs fine. Seems to still be flooding any ideas are appreciated.

You definately have a float and / or needle and seat problem if gas is running out the overflow tubes (and the bike is sitting upright)

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