Obama Administration Backs Away From Wilderness Plan

Maybe in Texas we can keep our right to free and open access to public beaches?

At least until the big money developers step in.

Obama's handlers are coming to the realization that getting their guy reelected isn't going to be the slam-dunk they assumed it would be. Look for quite a bit more of this backtracking as November, 2012 draws closer and the economy continues to tank.

Obama can afford to piss off his liberal base like this - sure they'll pitch and bitch but of course they'll vote for him anyway no matter what he does. But Obama is going to need at least as large of a share of the moderate, middle-class white vote that he got in 2008 to have a shot at reelection. Over the next 17 months watch as he tacks toward the political "center" in an attempt to show he's really not the far-left ideologue that his words, actions and history have proven him to be.

And is it just me or does everyone want to grab Ken Salazar by his bolo tie and shove that stupid hat down his throat?

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