BEST SKID PLATE for the $$$?

I have a 450R but my neighbor just bought a 450X and he wants to put a serious skid plate on it. Not the light weight Works Connection MX style type I use.


Big and Burly:

- Utah Sport Cycle

Nice and light:

- Acerbis

I second Krannie. Although the works connection is a nice looking piece, I went with the Richochet (Utah Sports Cycle) as it was about $100 cheaper and has a lot of protection.

Flatland Racing.

Acerbis skid plate - $70. All the protection you'll ever need without the annoying reverb from the motor.

I love my Acerbis plate. I've smacked rocks, drug my bike across boulders, logs, etc. and never had an issue or problem.

Flatland Racing...I have put it to the test at our local boulder infested park. I got it for $45 nib including shipping on an eBay Best Offer auction. Also the motor reverberation is very mild, much less than I was expecting.

I've had and MSR on mine for years and its taken quite a beating and not too badly distorted, a couple dents/scrapes here and there but held up very well. I bought it at a Chaparral sale for less than $50.00.

I have both the Hyde and the Acerbis plastic plates. I like the Hyde for the desert due it covering higher up the side of the engine and the Acerbis for chaparral and forest rides.

Both go on and come off quickly for washings and oil changes. The Acerbis goes on and come off a tad quicker.

The Acerbis is all over the Internet and easy to order. The Hyde seems to take awhile.

+++++111111 on the Hyde Racing. It's a GREAT product!!!!

X2! Great product, easy on, easy off and really tough!

Big and Burly:

- Utah Sport Cycle

Nice and light:

- Acerbis

I have the Utah Sport Cycle one on my X and have beat the hell out of it and it's hardly even flinched. I'll definitely buy it again when I get a new bike.

Acerbis I don't know how it can be a contest. It's the cheapest one you can get and it only uses two bolts and it's quieter. Way easier then any of these to take off and on. No dumb allen bolts!

Isn't the Acerbis plastic? If your on an R, riding a track or only sand, then Acerbis. If you are on a X then no replacement for the aluminum Utah Sport Cycle/Ricochet plate.

Thanks to that Sport Cycle plate I've ridden home from some knarly case ending, oil dumping whacks! Moab, southern Utah demands an aluminum plate for protection especially since these 450x's are MORE delicate than any XR ever was.....unfortunately.

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