Fork height on 2006 KX100

Can anyone tell me what the stock fork height setting is on this bike. I bought it used and the forks are above the clamp about 20mm. I think the previous owner had it set this way so it wouldn't be quite as wheely happy for his kids. My son wants to go racing in a couple weeks and I'd like to find a baseline for him. I thought I found somewhere that the 100 should be flush and the 85 was like 10 or 15 mm above the clamp, but now I don't know where I found it.

All 100's should be flush with the clamp. Now with that being said My son is still under 100lbs but an above average racer. I get away with running the forks at 5mm to try and help turn the bike. He still freaks out once in awhile hearing the tire rub the fender over a big jump.

If your kid is shorter and not a big jumper "after having the correct spring weight" you might try 5-10mm above the clamp.

Here's a good baseline:

I did find that (for my 250) the fork height they recommended was too low and I lost some turning abilities with the bike. They recommended 7mm and I think I found 12mm was good for me w/o any headshake and the bike dropped in turns.

Anytime you get a new bike you should look in the service manual and set the suspension to stock, set the sag and go from there.

Thanks for the replies! I looked in the teamgreen section and it just says fork height is std. I will set it at 10mm and have him try it and go from there. He has been rubbing the fender off of jumps where it is now. He is probably 95 lbs. with his gear so I can't quite get the sag perfect with the stock springs. :smirk:

He has been rubbing the fender off of jumps where it is now.

What do you mean, the suspension is bottoming? You need to have it setup for his weight, correct springs, ect. If he's bottoming alot his joints are soaking up the hit.

No they had the forks set up in the clamps so high that on the bigger jumps the front tire would rub inside the fender.

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