2 stroke

Looking to buy a 2 stroke 125 seems to be alot of yz125 and cr125 where im at ..im looking at 2001 models cuz they fit the price is one better than the other at that year ? Anything i should be looking for when checking these out ? Or just go with what sounds like its running and reving best ? Thnks for any help

The CR and YZ are both very capable MX bikes. There are a ton of things you should be looking for...rotor wear, engine cover wear, peg wear, frame wear, oil/coolant leaks, wiggle the wheels and swing arm back and forth to check for slack. Dont forget engine performance/wear, which can be challenging to guage.

Power is everything for 125's. Get 2004 KTM's or newer. They have lots of power in stock configuration. Stay away from Honda CR125R. Great build and everything but geez....the power is in such a narrow band.

KTMs are great, I just bought one, but you will pay for it.

So your saying a cr125r has no balls ? How are the 2006 models ?

ya i just got a yz125 not too long ago i orderin a new clutch now i wrecked it pretty bad today but i have to say i do like riding my yz125 better then my friends cr125 the yz just feels like it has more power

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