search=1000 results. can someone point me to the definitive valve replacement thread

valve zeroed out, re-shimmed. hard to start again so it looks like time to do the valve work.

A search yields thousands of threads.

Can someone point me to the best info about replacing the valves and/or entire head ?

Many thanks.

Search the how to's at as (upper right hand corner in the red). TT won't allow the full link, otherwise I would post it for you. Paul does a great job.

also see big bore thumpers...

Use the Honda CRF250X FAQ's sticky at the top of this forum.

so is the latest current wisdom to replace the 04 head with the complete 07 head ?

The wisdom I gathered from many threads is to switch to stainless steel intake valves if you want more reliable and longer lasting valves. I ended up doing this, having AS Racing install Kibble White intake valves.

I've gathered '07 were slightly diffent than '04's, but intakes were still titanium which wear much quicker than steel.

I'm in the same boat as you my 05 needs intakes so I'm just getting my seats re-cut then replacing the valves myself then probably in the spring I'm getting a piston put in it. I don't have the money for an 07 head.

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