Fact or Fiction

What's the TRUTH about these 2011 RMZ's? Are there issues or not? Should I wait for a 2012 assuming they're going to fix these issues?

The problems are not as common as one makes them sound. I have two the 2010 and 2011 neither have had problems and are solid running bikes. Im not going to say i havent heard some problems but what bike doesnt they all do.

Have friends with 2010's and I have a 2011, no problems with any of the bikes! Best 250f out there IMO!

Sometimes when the pro's do their tests they can make some things sound just horrible or the greatest ever, but as previously mentioned every bike needs repairs done to them somewhere along the line, if its high performance its high maintanance, bikes are just like sleds....a ticking time bomb!

I think it's fiction. There have only been 2-3 people complaining about RMZ trannys. That's very little compared the the amout of 2010-2011 RMZs out there. Many people ae switching to RMZs at my local track. With none of them having issues.

I myself have a 2010 with 60 hrs on it. With no issues.

But, the tranny was notchy and had a few false neutrals. But not at 60 hrs, it's butter smooth with precise shifting. No problems. The bike gets better with age.

These are high performance machines and I do agree any bike can have issues. And I think it also depends how hard you ride the RMZ. It seems as though a lot of fast pros have issues with the trans holding up. I would wait for the 2012 if your set on the RMZ. But the trans problems have been around for a while. I feel as though everyone on the forums loves whatever bike they have and aernt willing to accept flaws. The RMZ is a sweet sweet machine. But the tranny isnt up to snuff and thats a fact!

EVERY SINGLE RMZ in south texas, 10 or 11 has locked up a transmission down here.

I'm not exaggerating..a just end up fixing them for my customers when they do.

I ALMOST bought one...then one had a failure and I waited a little to see if othe rdid...and it seems like a snowball effect after that...with a rash of them breaking.

So...YES it's a problem.

There are not very many RMZ's out there in comparison to other brands...and for us here, to have every single one break is not a good sign.

It's a shame - I feel everything else about the bike is incredible

i fall into the fact in this one, trans blew with 8hrs

I dont buy it being common. Weve never seen one issue at this suzuki shop and I work for a pro mx rider in texas and all over and have never heard of this until I came to thumpertalk.com

This situation is like Honda valves........

This situation is like Honda valves........

Dude no one is asking it to compare to another brand, hes asking about suzuki and the sad fact is for how many suzukis are out there, there is big issues. Honda probly sells about 100 times what suzuki does if not more and there is hardly an issues out there anymore. Proper maintenance def depends on valve life. Tranny you just change your oil, the design is responsible for all the failures. Your a nitwit. People are looking for help and honest advice. Just shut up and give your advice whether it be good or bad. The more posts you have the lower I think your IQ is. I see it at every race or they know someone it happened to. Harrperf seems to be fixing them so hes a great source. Why dont you PM him about it and all you other nay sayers. Since no one belives my tranny failed even after putting up tons of pics. Suzuki needs to get there shit together what a shame! Dont tell someone who is going to buy a bike how rock solid they are and how its all fiction when there has been more than enough issues. This is a site where you post shit to help people not turn a blind eye.

This situation is like Honda valves........

I wouldnt say that, i'v personally replaced valves in 3/4 of the 12 or 14 crf's in this small town, and most were maintained properly. Of about equal numbers of RMZ's iv never personally seen or heard of the rmz tranny issue besides here on thumpertalk. I have done a tranny on a 10 kxf 450, a crank in a 4 hour kxf 450, tranny in a 20+- hour yzf 450, and a complete motors in some yfzs that broke rods and destroyed the cases. Oh and a 1 year crf 250 that flipped the piston. Dont know the hours. No bike is immune to mechanical failures.

What's the TRUTH about these 2011 RMZ's? Are there issues or not? Should I wait for a 2012 assuming they're going to fix these issues?

What do you plan to do with the bike? motocross? trails? hairscrambles? if you noticed most of the tranny problems are happening to bikes that are on the mx tracks every weekend, very few trail riders are having problems, but the possibility is still there, I haven't had any problems on my 08, but I ride strictly trails, but the handling on these bikes is superb, if you're still unsure then just keep googling everything you can about these bikes and all the others too and make the choice that feels right to you, all the bikes out there have excellent engineering and you'll probably enjoy any one of them

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