KX 125 Questions

So I upgraded from a 150cc 4 stroke china bike to a 96 kx 125 :smirk:

Anyway, where's the cheapest I can buy a clutch kit? Also, when I start it up and put the choke on run, rpms will go down a bit then back up. I'll put the choke on full then back down to run and it'll do the same thing. Thanks in advance for any help!

Pics will be up in a few (hopefully)

So I uploaded the china bike pic but forgot how to .. how do I do it? haha

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Can't figure out how to upload pics

Shop around for clutch parts --

Do you just need the friction plates? Or do you need a whole basket, steel plates, springs, etc? You will need to inspect the clutch basket to see if the fingers have grooves. If its grooved just a little, you can file them back smooth or just replace the clutch basket.

Start shopping here at thumpertalk --


Hinson, Barnett, EBC, Moose, all make decent stuff.

Find out what you need first by disassembling and inspecting it.

1st rule, you get what you pay for, Buy a cheap clutch, get cheap performance...been there...done that. An OEM or EBC is about your best bet and staying reasonably priced.

As for the idle, does it do it all the time or just when you first start it. If the motor cold, it'll act funny till everything warms up and expands. Otherwise it sound like you have a bad reed or crank seal.

Took it apart and need just the friction plates. I might as well get some a bit more expensive..

The idle .. could it be that where the fatty pipe and muffler connect there was a pretty good leak? Will be getting some clamps tomorrow.

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