2008, 09, 10, or 11 XT250????

I'm interested in the Yamaha XT250. Could someone please advise which year is the most "issue-free", "bug-free" and stable. I really like the color scheme of the 2008. Whichever year you all recommend, can I just swap the plastics or are they not compatible due to minor changes? Thank you. (Note: I have a medical condition at the moment that prevents me from sitting, so I cannot invest the time to reading all of the posts in the 2008 or newer section). Thanks again.

To my knowledge, the XT-250 from 2008 to present is unchanged except for cosmetics like colors and stickers.

A quick way to find out is look at Yamaha's parts lists: same number= same part. You can check year to year and get your answer. I doubt there is much, if any, change.

The XT250 from 2008 to 2011 are all the same except cosmetics. All of them are pretty much issue free/bug free, as they have been around longer than since 2008, but not available in the US until 2008.

There was an XT250 in the US market prior to 2008, but it is not the same bike that the XT250 of today is ....:ride:

I bought a new XT250 back in 2008 after researching dual purpose 250s. The heritage is the Yamaha Serow(named for a mountain goat), the bike was distributed throughout europe and asia. Its a great bike that you can throw around and have fun with. My wife claimed mine and I bought a DR650......which throws me around lol.

They are great bikes, regardless of which year. Mine has been very reliable and a lot of fun. The only down side is there are very limited options on mods, but, if you're handy, you can still get it done. Check out xt225.com, and also some of the newer threads on this site under dual sport, and you'll see some recent pic's and info from where i've modified my own 2009 XT250. :thumbsup:

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