Drz 400 and a GoPro HD

I recently picked up a GoPro HD. I made a quick video on my ride home to test her out. The image quality is incredible for such a little unit. I used a high pass filter to get rid of some of the wind noise but overall I am very happy with the cam.


Anyone else run filters for audio on this cam?

Looks good. Did you use iMovie to edit your video?

Good job!

Yea, it was just some basic editing in iMovie. Main reason I posted it was to compare the audio. Without the high pass filter and compressor there was a loud sharp wind whistle/blast. I guess filters is the only way to avoid such problems, unless anyone knows any other tips on how to get rid of some of that wind noise.

Great vids kaiser.

kaiser, do you have any videos with that vented rear door and no music?

Forester, I have plenty of no music, open door Gopro vids on my yootube channel, if you'd like. Channel name is JesseJamesGill. :ride:

i have the open door but I ride in to much rain and dust to use it :lol: I might need to use it at my next race :lol:

Cool vids guys :ride:

Here's some vid I just found with the closed door and no music but I am on my GasGas :lol:


i had some without music, but there is almost no wind noise.

jack-thanks, im always working on new videos to upload with the supermoto hooligans! lol

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