Honda xr200r

Can i buy a bigger xr for a parts bike for my 1982 xr200r?

Edited by xr200r kid

anyone have any ideas on the parts bike

What parts do you need?

I need skid plate but anything like front forks swingarm monoshock stuff lkike that

There's a thread by Chuck dealing with what works. I believe only the 84-85 XR200s were a full cradle frame, which the 250 always has been. However, theres a great many threads dealing with fork swaps if you use the search feature.

I have another question about the engine on a honda 200 3wheeler can I use parts from that for my 1982 xr200r

Again, use the search feature. It's been covered at length, to the point of me fixing a thrashed 86 200 without having to post once.

The top ends swap, not much else. A guy put the whole 200S motor in his XR200, auto clutch and all.

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