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Memorial Day Green Dot ride w/pics

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Jay and I met up Monday on the Colockum road where we staged our ride. We planned on just fooling around and testing the snow on the Colockum Pass Road. We first headed over to the Power Line road and immediately ran into a herd of Elk. From that point on we were seeing Elk all day long.



At the intersection T of the Powerline Road we decided to go down the Brewton Road and then onto the Tarpiscan. We knew that the bridge was washed out on the Tarpiscan which made it impassable. We wanted to survey the damage ourselves.

Here is Jay on the Brewton Road:


As we approached the washed out Bridge on the Tarpiscan the state had this sign nailed to a tree:


They had gone out of their way to make sure no one could cross the bridge although 100 motorcycles could not have budged it.



Here are some shots of the actual damage to the concrete footings of the bridge. The stream cut the soil out from under this one side of the bridge.



I walked out on the bridge and took a couple pictures of the now greatly diminished stream flowing under it.



This is too bad since the Tarpiscan road is one of the most scenic roads we use in our loops. I don't know how long it will take them to fix it. You know that bridge was just put in last year I think. Before it was a huge culvert that could never wash out. So they fixed it by putting in something that they could fix every year.

Any way, Jay and I back tracked up the Brewton and followed it to the Northwest where it runs into the Colockum Pass road right below all the remaining snows. We rode right into a rain storm the further North we went. We did not know how bad the snow was going to be or if we would even be able to make it through but as it turned out there was only one fairly deep section which had been rutted out by the 4X4s. We were able to stay in their ruts and make it through with out too much trouble. Here are a few pictures of the last of the snow on the Colockum. The deep sections are not in the pictures but will probably be gone by this week end.



Before it was all done and said we had run into many elk and a few deer. This first deer is the fawn and is much smaller than the mother but because I was able to get much closer to it when taking the pictures it actually looks bigger than it is.


Here is Mom:



We didn't put in very many miles cause we stopped and talked quite a bit while looking things over. So 37 miles was all we did. Hope you enjoy the wildlife cause we did. :smirk:

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sometimes a short scenic run is all you need. looks like a great place to ride.

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those are great pictures - thanks for sharing! can't wait to do some exploration rides like that myself.

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