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2004 KTM 525 MXC Bog

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So I have searched, read, reread, cleaned, cleaned again, and basically I am at the point that I am ready to take the carb to the mechanic. I figured I would ask the question that seems to have been asked about a hundred times one more time hoping that I might get some help...

Bike: 2004 525 MXC

Problem: Bog immediately off idle

I have:

cleaned the carb

Installed JD jetting kit (including AP pump linkage o-ring and AP pump spacer)

Fuel screw out 1 1/2 turns seems to be about right

Replaced a bunch of other stuff in the carb.

Replaced AP diaphragm

With the carb out I got the AP squirt dialed in. Ended up making a couple small trial and error adjustments to fine tune after it was installed. Dialed in the fuel screw a little more and had the bog nearly gone. It would be what I describe as more of a hesitation than a bog. Before if you had the bike warm, cracked the throttle to 3/4 it would kill the bike. This may be a nice safety feature but not exactly what I am going for.

I have a couple new spark plugs coming this week that I am going to try. I will tune the AP timing a bit more and fuel screw but is there anything else that I am missing? The bike really does run pretty well. In real riding conditions I don't really notice it much as I don't think I go from 0 - 75% throttle frequently but the fact that it does it bothers me.

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If your bike is idling and you grab a handful of throttle and it bogs, that is normal. No one rides at idle then nails the throttle. The bigger the engine the more this is true. You can try to better set the AP timing by NORMAL test riding and not just reving the bike in the garage. You can slightly raise the idle speed as many people tend to set it as low as they can and get a consistent idle, where it really should be in the 1800 to 1900 rpm range.

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