DT 175 Locking up when turning over in reverse?

Hi there,

I have a DT175 that has Cylinder removed for a top end re-build but noticed when turning over the big end in reverse, it locks up.

Gearbox is in Neutral.

Locking up does not occur in the same place per full revolution, rather

will go back about one quarter of a turn before stopping.

Would this be related to the Kickstarter gear engaging ?.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Maybe. Anything loose in magneto? Could be the autolube pump as well. If it works ok the correct way, I'd quit trying to see what would happen "if"........

The earlier 175s had a white plastic wheel on the rear of the autolube pump that would turn when the pump turned. If yours has that, it can be used as an indicator of what, if any, involvement the pump has in this. I don't think it cares, but I wouldn't keep doing it until I broke something.

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