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05CR85RB Build Project

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Well, my son has an 03 CR85R and I have been buying/fixing/parting/selling many CR80Rs and CR80RBs. We came across this little gem (sarcasm intended) in February for a really cheap price and decided to build up an RB for my son to transition to. Here it is in the pics I received from the seller, ote the brick red rattle canned plastics and black painted seat:



Looks nice and rough. Started and sounded good, so for $350 this gem was mine. So far the only thing we have kept is the frame, subframe, radiator, rear shock and gas tank. Since we knew it didn't have a rear tire, we brought one with us. Also picked up an RM125 to part, got it for $50.


Got it home and in 30 minutes (put tire and chain on, checked fluids) I was riding it down the block. Ran good, shifted nicely, still really ugly. Here you can see my KLX300R (leaking fork seals and all!), His CR85R (83) and a project CR80RB and numerous tires/parts from other bikes.


Just dropped some parts off to be powdercoated yesterday. Seemed like everytime we would sell some parts and get some money, another CR80 would pop up on craigslist for us to grab and fix/sell or part out.


The frame and subframe will be gloss black, the rims will be gloss black, spokes also gloss black, hubs and spoke nipples will be a dark red. I will post more pics as we get stuff back or add more parts. Since buying the bike, we have gotten the following parts, either from bikes we have bought or from profit of bikes I have sold/parted out. He has been helping fix and also dismantle basket cases. We haven't broken into engine cases, but have done almost everything else. As parts get back, I will assist my son in building the bike. *=ebay purchases

2009 CRF150RB front forks

CRF150RB front rim (being powdercoated)

TAG lower and upper triple tree (black)

CR85RB rear rim (powdercoated)

CR80RB swingarm

Galfer red front and rear brake line*

Moose fat bars (black)

Sunline unbreakable levers*

TAG bar pad

Pro Taper pillowtop grips*

New plastics 2 sets - (fenders, plates, shrouds)*

Monster graphics (best graphics a 12 year old Chinese boy can make)*

GEICO graphics*

FMF Fatty pipe*

FMF Turbine Core 2 silencer

EBC brake pads*

Sunline clutch and throttle cable *

Works connection radiator brace

Works connection frame guards

Works connection skid plate

MSR shift lever

Tusk clutch

Boyessen stator and chain cover

Steering stem bearings

Swingarm and linkage bearings

Most parts I got either from or with bikes. I love buying a $300 CR80RB and the guy throwing in an aluminum ramp, Alpinstar Tech 5s that fit my son and a track stand, love the deals. I have too many helmets and boots around. We are making sure his friends are properly geared and biked up.

Still need to get sprockets and chain, wheel bearings, new tires, and a new top end. Once we get it together we will look into having the suspension set for his size and ability.

Wish me luck


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Had the parts powdercoated, got the final parts back today. Had the frame and subframe done in gloss black, rims and spokes done in gloss black and the hubs and spoke nipples done in red. Here are pics:

Frame ready to bake


By jump6pack at 2011-06-15

Hub ready to bake


By jump6pack at 2011-06-15


By jump6pack at 2011-06-15

Rims ready to bake


By jump6pack at 2011-06-15

Into the oven, kinda hot!


By jump6pack at 2011-06-15

parts back


By jump6pack at 2011-06-15

front rim


By jump6pack at 2011-06-15


By jump6pack at 2011-06-15


By jump6pack at 2011-06-15

Back rim laced


By jump6pack at 2011-06-15


By jump6pack at 2011-06-15


By jump6pack at 2011-06-15

If you have never laced wheels before, do not be scared, this is my first set and it took about 30 minutes to do both. They need trued, but lacing them was so easy, I will never pay to have them laced.


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I will post pics after mounting tires, I expect it to wear on the rim edge from tire flex, but the sides and top of the rim should hold up pretty well.

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Well, Starting to put it together, Got the engine in the frame and the swingarm and linkage on. Tried to put the TAG triple on and with the new bearings all greased up and having problems getting it on the steering stem. Can't get the castle nut thing on, need another thread or two, I will make sure the bearings are seated properly. Here are some update pics.



Also sent more stuff to the powdercoater, sent the front brake line holder, the coil mount, the foorpegs, Boyesen stator cover, rear sprocket and a couple of other parts.

More updates as I put more parts together.


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Well, got everything back from the powdercoater. Looks great. I found out the TAG lower triple I got will not work. It is about 1/2 inch shorter than the stock one and can't get enough thread to feel safe. So I will have a lower triple clamp powdercoated and use the TAG top triple for the 1 1/8 bars. Here are pics of the rims with bearings and tires mounted and the stator cover. I expect some wear, but it will look purty for a couple of days. Now that my son hit another growth spurt, about the time we get it together he will need a 125!!!

Front rim with Maxxis tire - you can see the galfer brake line on the front brake. Purty and red


Rear with powdercoated sprocket and Maxxis tire


Engine with powdercoated Boyesen stator cover


Son working on it


More as I get it together, still have a lot to do, only a couple more parts and fluids to buy.

Pics of all of the parts in my garage


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Got the rear end put together, got the rear wheel together, powdercoated sprocket, new brake pads, Galfer red steel braided brake line. Lots of other stuff. The Renthal chain had some stuff on it that was super tacky. It was sticky and wow it was tough to clean off. I will scrub the chain later. After I got this together I realized I forgot to put the chain roller that goes on the frame. The powdercoating made the chain roller not want to go on. I will have to scrape it clean and then put the roller on. Here are pics so far.



Front brake with brake line. Still need to bleed the brakes.


Still a lot to do


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Have most of it together. Decided since I am working evenings to go ahead and throw some stuff together so it looks good. Only mounted part of the plastics for looks. Wish I could be there when my son gets home from school.

Not a lot to do to it, still need to:

1. Buy CRF150R front spacers and install

2. Put front brake disk on

3. Connect throttle cable.

4. Put on chain roller

5. Bleed brakes (front and rear)

6. Put grips on

7. Mount and fill radiator

8. Zip tie wiring

9. Mount shifter lever

10. Put on exhaust and silencer

A few other things like add fluids, foot pegs and stuff. Should be ready to ride by next weekend. My son has football practice three nights a week and Saturday, so the pace has slowed down on the bike. Here are the latest pics:





And my 4 year old can't wait for it to be hers!!!


Been a fun project, now after it is done I get to work on my KLX300R.


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Well, forgot to put the chain roller on, and with the powdercoating and everything on, it wasn't happening. Soooooo, I removed the subframe with airbox, rear shock, rear brake master cylinder/lever/reservoir, pulled the swingarm off and then I had room to get my Dremel in and clean off the chain roller shaft and threads. Talk about an oops, took about an hour to put one bolt on! So when I got that done I went ahead and threw on another set of plastics. Now I still need to:

1. Waiting on spacers to get in

2. Put front disk on

3. Bleed front and rear brakes

4. Fill radiator and tranny

Then we will be ready to fire it up again. Didn't do anything with the engine so she should fire up. (Should being the key word in that sentence!)

Updated pic:


Coming along


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Thanks. The white one is older and a little beat up. He has the GEICO and also a Monster Energy set. He will run the white ones first so when he flops it the first time he can at least know he has nice plastics!!!! I like the GEICO ones myself, but he can swap them as he pleases. I get off work early today so I may go home and put the Monster ones on just to see what they look like.


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