New to the forum and have some questions on my ttr

Hey everyone I'm new to the forum and just wanted to say a big hello!

I have a question about my two 84 ttr 600 bikes. I'm hoping to get them street legal in Alberta, Canada and was wondering if anyone new the street requirements. I'm assuming headlight and tail lights (stock on the bike) signal lights, horn, handle bar controls, and i am assuming as well a speedometer/ odometer? I have the stock odometers on them but to my understanding they didn't come with a speedometer cluster... so I dont know if I can buy some after market cluster or maybe a cluster from a newer 600 model? Would that work? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks again!

hi there , i too have a ttr 600 1998. my speedo went awol some time ago i fitted a bicycle speedo works fine no probs with mot in the uk.

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