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Learn From My Mistakes, DONT BUY FROM KEIHIN-FCR.COM!!!!

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I thought i would share my troubles with the forum to try and help other avoid some of the grief i have suffered.

I recently bought a second hand (I know, I know) FCR39mx from Keihin-fcr.com and have had nothing but trouble from it.

Before purchase i asked all the questions and i was assured it would come with everything i need to install it on my DRZ. Well... it came with nothing but a fuel leak from the fuel inlet, after being assured it would be thoroughly tested.

After unsuccessfully trying to get the bike to run with what it came with (im new to carbs) i consulted the guru, Eddie, and some other helpful forum members, who cleared up much of the problems i was having. I then had to spend more money on buying the correct conversion parts. Not to mention having to ride my pride and joy, brand new Casey Stoner CBR1000rr Fireblade to work, in the rain, and having to pay $20 a day to park the thing in security parking (i work in a dodgy suburb and refuse to park it on the street).

I lodged a complaint with Paypal and it was upheld, however, i was expected to pay return postage costs despite having proof of the promises that were made to me regarding thorough inspection and not having to buy anything else to make it work. I refused to be out of pocket 1 more cent because of a dodgy seller and decided to keep it and try to get it working.

I managed to get it running fairly well after replacing the jets and various other adjustments, except for a poor idle, and it ran ok for a week or two. Then for no apparent reason when i was sitting at a set of lights the idle inexplicably rose a fair bit. I gave the bike a rev to settle it and the revs dropped and then the bike stalled. After a few goes i managed to get it restarted but it stalled again. Restarted it again and rode the few blocks home where it stalled again. Restarted it, rode into my garage and stopped, looked down and saw a big puddle of fuel under the bike.

Im told this is a float issue, but after having had the carb off 6 or so times already in the last few weeks i no longer have the care to fix this issue after all the dramas ive had. Im sure it probably can be sorted out but i have decided to cut my losses and buy a NEW carb from the TT store, which is what i should of done in the first place. Oh well, live and learn


Perhaps i was wrong to expect to be able to just bolt on a second hand carb without giving it some love first, but after being assured it would be tested thoroughly and come with everything i needed i didnt forsee these issues.


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Lesson learned.

A worn out bike, too beat to sell whole is parted out. You have to figure, every part is worn out. So you get a good deal on a worn out carb. After you spend the money on parts and time to get it to work, you still have a worn out carb that ends up costing you the same as a brand new one. We tell people this all the time. No one ever listens.

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