who has MX TECH rear suspension on there PDS KTMs

anyone who does i would love some input on what you had done and how it works for you what you like about it etc :smirk:

It's awesome, there needle kit and progressive spring is very good. Haven't heard of any complaints?

no so far its all good things being said, do you have there stuff on your bike?

what good is the rear if u dont have the front? just unbalanced suspension.. he does excelent work, but if u get it done , get front n rear

something i want to know is do mx tech modify the secondary piston do they make the ports bigger or something i know about there CLP needle but whats the MXT jet sytem whats does it do?

I've seen charts showing a really nice smooth increase in damping from the mxt system where STD has a horrible spike , that's got to make it a better setup

mog i understand what the needle does but ive heard some things about the jet system and the platform valve does anyone know anything about this?

what is STD in this case?


standard, is STD, i have not seen the platform valve sorry.

The platform valve we use is internal in the shock shaft.

The secondary piston does get modified .

Pete Racetech do a telescopic needle and piston kits for pds do you no anything about there stuff and how good it works.

Guys, this setup works for anything you throw at it. I buy a lot of stuff from MXT and about six months ago I got a needle and new shaft internals. Installed it in the bike and on two occasions I put my best setup shock back on and it's not even close in any aspect. Traction on hill climbs is superb. I've never felt the needle unlike any stocker setup. I have an 09' up shock so my secondary already has big ports so nothing got modded there. I always drill pre 09' secondary pistons though and chamfer the input to the port on the rebound side.

The shaft jet has a fixed bleed that is equal to the total area of the adjuster. It flows the same on compression regardless of rebound clicker settings which is totally awesome. I can run my rebound out for fast follow the ground traction and not get a wallowy shock to go along with it. The bleed stays the same through the shaft on compression. Jeremy gave me a baseline setting which on the primary isn't too far off of what I had at the time. I nuked the 36x.15 crossover and just run single stage compression. Other than that I filled in the gap above the clamp and ran about three less face shims initially but ended up adding one back in and it's near perfect.

Now I run a 8.8 straight rate on mine b/c all I had was a PDS7 which for my big butt on a 450 just wasn't enough support and couldn't get sags without major preload.

I know this isn't the classifieds but I have an 07'sx shock with the long needle in it and a PDS 7 for sale for 250.00. It does NOT have the check valve/shaft jet. So with it your rebound adjuster still has a major effect on compression. Also have an 09' stock rear shock for 250.00 as well. I have all these spare shocks that just sit around. I always have good goals for them but just not enough time. Too busy working on other people's stuff:banana:

because i have a 09 250sxf so you think that anything obove 09 wont need any mods done to the secondary piston, and you said you got the needle and internal shaft mods? is that the platform valve that pete was talking about that works with the needle?

The platform valve is like a check valve in the shaft internals. It checks closed on compression so the fixed hole in the center of it checks off the big free bleed on the comp stroke and it unchecks on rebound stroke and allows it to flow like normal on the rebound stroke.

Send it in and let us build you one , you will not be disappointed.

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