Best Year 150R/RB

So like the title says, are there any pros/cons about each year?

Whats your favourite?


My 08 has had zero problems. Replace the pilot jet and done. 250 hours of trails and still going.

They are all pretty much identical as far as I know.

'07 had cam issues that would blow the top end. Some in extreme conditions had cracks in the swingarm. Both are recalls from Honda and should be done. '07 also had different jetting which should be re-jetted any ways. 2008-09 were the same bikes with updated cam, swingarms and jetting.

Pro's for 2007


recall and have a RB swingarm put on

Con's for 2007

lesser resale

only in red

more R's than RB's








no recalls

comes in black




Yeah the '08 is best, cuz thats what I have:goofy:, but the '07 graphics are best....cuz thats what I have:smirk:.

Hmm thanks for your replies,

What about the R vs RB, i heard that the R seems more stable on a few threads. What do you prefer?

RB has a better ride and handling on paper because of the longer wheelbase and larger wheels. If you ride woods larger wheels are always better. Track wise larger wheels will help also but not needed. Remember most tracks the 150r is a mod mini which all other bikes can have large wheels. The R would not be more stable and would be prone to less traction and wheeling based on wheels and shorter wheelbase. It is worth it to get the RB, adding small wheels is alot cheaper then the other way.

Just to be sure, How tall do you think i would have to be to ride a CRF150RB?

Im 5"2' at the moment

The larger wheels on the RB will make more stable in deep sand.

To ride a CRF150RB, you have to be tall enough to reach the footpegs.

That is all.

Just to be sure, How tall do you think i would have to be to ride a CRF150RB?

Im 5"2' at the moment

Depends on where you ride and what type of riding. MX track and a good rider, starting blocks and don't fall. Trail you will need a cut down seat and an inch or so growth.

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