starter drive

has any body experienced a strange grinding noise as the starter engages and disengages as if the starter clutch is not working properly or knows of a fix. :):D

am i the first? to experance this problem?????

After taking it apart and cleaning,{black resadue on permanet magnet serface} starter cluch. after starting for the third time noise came back.I then removed idler gear from starter and hit the button and the noise was still there. It sounds like a bad bushing in the starter. I'll update after talking to my dealer.

had this problem bush was r/s in starter - new starter

It sure seems like there is a lot less help available on TT lately!!! I know from talking to the dealer that there have been problems with these starters but only 3 people have responded to this post and I know darn well that more than 3 people have had this problem. How about a little feedback guys, we used to get info here and now it's getting to be a BS session. One little guys opinion... :):D

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