Yz 250 Pinned

haha that was nuts you were passing everyone! great vid man

That's what my dreams look like:) Nice.

Nice dude! You should repack your silencer, though. :ride:

good work!!

Nice riding man.

wow your fast ,loving the noise of the bike, :ride:

that is the best feeling when youre in the zone like that and just blow by everyone!( I wouldnt know...) NICE!!!!

You don't waste any time :ride:

Another good one :ride:

Ha ha thanks everyone, thought you might like that. It wasn't me was my best mate Pete he was a former Australian BMX champion, the bloke can ride a bike.


Here is another Vid this one is from Anglesea. This one has a mad bloke on a KTM 200

looks like he was riding with a bunch of squids to me. cmon he was on a wide open fire with a couple of rolling rain bars. how could u not be pinned.

Ha ha squids hey? Not a fire trail mate or it would be called a fire trail. It use to be a single trail, but "squids" couldnt get up so they made it wider. The track heads up to the snow and goes from 400 metres to 1100 meters. it's A long constant hill climb most people cant hang on anymore from arm pump once they reach the top. The bloke on YZ was going so fast you couldn't even see the obsticals he was flying over.

Has anyone else as some footage of Camp Track at Big River they could post to show the difficulty?

That YZ guy IS fast. :ride:

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