2002 KTM 400 EXC Radiator help!

Just got my hands on an old 2002 400 EXC, the engine runs great, and i'm quite happy with it.

the radiators have had a hard life, not leaking yet, but the will have to be changed at some point!

now my question is this, will newer radiators fit, or can they be modyfied (easely) to fit.

Looking at the part numbers the 2001-2002 are quite unique, but i can't emagine they have changed that much?

has anyone done this?

does anyone know?

hope you all can help me out :-)

:smirk: (what a cool little thing)

I think they just got bigger (thicker). Folks at ktmtalk know better but I guess they fit. Also the right side radiator got a bleeding bole (bolt) on top at some point. Frame mounts should be the same anyway.

You might look into having Mylar's in Salt Lake City, UT repair them. Pics that I have seen of their repairs make them look nearly new fairly inexpensively.

The pre 03 radiators have a cross over tube at the top to equalize the fluid levels

The removable top bolt on the later ones eliminated the cross over tube.

Doc bob

sounds great, thought so :-)

shipping my radiators to the US might be too expencive :-)

live in Denmark (on top of Germany)

think i'll have a look at a new pair sometime soon, hate my bike not being new anymore :smirk:

live in Denmark

Sorry. Hadn't looked at your location. Seems like someone local might do the same type of work. Hope you're able to find something.

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