09 crf450 vs 06 which one

have a 06 crf450 now and have a chance to get a 09 crf450 was wondering if the 9 is better then the 6.plus its fi not carb any help will b great just dont want to get a bike and hate it.thanks

I went from an 06 to 09 and couldn't be happier. The weight savings is huge on the 09. I could take or leave the FI, doesn't make much difference in my opinion, 06 started a little easier.

Better is a broad term. The '09 is smaller, lighter, quicker turning, has amazing throttle response, will stay running while it's laying in the dirt, and obviously does not need to be re-jetted every time the weather changes.

However, the suspension is unbalanced (forks are soft and ride low in the stroke vs. the rear), the throttle response is very jerky just above idle, the steering feels twitchy to many people and the bike tends to oversteer, the motor is stall-prone and can be tricky to start without an ECU re-map, and the fuel filter is prone to clogging unless you pre-filter your fuel. The 4-spring clutch also does not hold up well to abuse.

If you expect to be able to buy a motocross bike and leave it completely stock, then likely you will be disappointed with the '09. If you are willing to spend money getting the suspension sprung and revalved for your weight and ability, get the ECU re-mapped by Eddie, and if you like a fast turning bike, then there's a good chance you'll be satisfied. If you're looking at an '09 then presumably it's used and some of the problem areas may already be addressed.

I tried to ride around the shortcomings when I first got mine, and I ended up high-siding the bike in a fast sweeper. I wasn't happy with my purchase initially. After that, I got the suspension setup etc. and the improvement was profound. The bike is perfect for me now.

If I had the choice between a zero hour 06 and a zero hour 09, I'd choose the 06.

If I had the choice between a zero hour 06 and a zero hour 09, I'd choose the 06.

here here.. :smirk:

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