1981 Yamaha IT 465... where to get parts

Im looking for a full rebuild kit for my 1981 Yamaha IT 465. (gasket set, piston, rings, crank.....) anyone got any good links where I might be able to obtain a complete kit like this?

Boats.net, Speedandsport.com, partforyamaha.com. Bikebandit has parts fisch on line. Once you know the part number your looking for, Google the part #. Sign up at Yamahaenduro.com. Bunch of Yamaha enthusiasts hanging out there. They are very willing to help. Alot of the parts are going to come up obsolete. Keep searching. There is still alot of stuff out there collecting dust on dealer shelves. Good luck.

If you havent yet, head over to My Yamaha and get the free sign in (bike bandit as well as http://www.cyclepartsnation.com/ ) and get access into the parts fiche.

Power of that is a LOT of the parts of the mono shocks (and others) is the shared a LOT of parts between the YZs and such.

Huge help when you cant find the un-obtanium bit for your IT, but oooops a YZ part will cross over.

Here is a good blast from the past IT site:




Post the specifics....everyone here will help you out...!!!



Speed and Spot (www.yamatopdog.com) has not only a link to the factory parts diagrams, but you can also search their inventory to see what they have. They did discount off what was shown in the past, don't know about now.

As with any older bike, finding a few just like it to use for parts is invaluable. I went through a "restoration" phase a few years back, fond that with anything over 10-12 years old, it was really helpful to have all of those parts bikes around.

Last: what you're looking for doesn't come in a kit, per se, unless you drop off a list and someone gathers them up for you. Not like cars where you can exactly that. If you go into the engine that far, replace anything rubber. Every seal and o'ring should be new when you're done.

wow, thanks guys. that speed and sport lets u enter year make and model!! awsome, super easy to use. Thanks a million guys!:ride:

Their main business is selling NOS parts, even though they are a Yamaha dealer. They often have things they show no stock of, because they are constantly buying more old parts, and can only update the stock listing so fast. So call and ask if you can't find something.

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