Too loud? Try the 250x stock muffler...


Awhile back someone posted that they had tried the silencer off of a 250x and that it had fit. So I jumped on Ebay and snagged one in excellent condition for 50$. Last night I removed the extremely loud stock silencer and replaced it with the silencer I bought off Ebay.

It does slide right on, same size as the head pipe. In fact moving front to back from the headpipe clamp the first bolt does line up perfectly with the hole drilled in the frame itself, so no problems there.

The only piece that doesnt fit is the hangar off of the can itself, its off by a couple issues so I will have to either move that hanger or build a mod bracket to support the rear hangar. Shouldnt be tough at all.

I will post the before and after pics when its done. But man what a huge difference in db's and tone that makes. Bike is not TTR quiet, but it is definitely a step change improvement. For 50$'s its a pretty nice SS silencer, usfs approved for noise and spark arrestor.:smirk:

Grind off the bracket and move it. Weld it on and your done. 1/2 job if you have the tools. Did you notice any loss in power?

I too am curious if you noticed any difference in power. I have a Yosh silencer on mine and it is borderline obnoxious. I need to re-pack it and see if that helps first.

I didnt notice any loss of power, lots quieter, waaaaaaaay quieter. I am going to grind off and either make a new or just move the existing bracket.

I will post pics, sorry the bike is dirty (it actually gets ridden)

Might want to lean your jetting a bit if you keep it on, I know they're very restrictive on the 450x's.

What year of 250x is the silencer off of? Doe anyone know what years had the same silencer?

So mine is an 08 150R, silencer came off of an 07 but I think the range of years that are the same is fairly broad. Plastics fit, wheel clearance is good, brake clearance is fine.

I dont feel any power loss, I think you would have to run it on a dyno in a before vs. after format to tell for sure.

I was asking because on mine with the baffle out, I had loss power. Rider notice power loss and I seen the loss when he was riding. Swap back with no other change and power was back. I also have the MRD header whitch might not pay goo together. I don't know what year (2007-2009) it came off of. There is a metal plate screwed to the airbox/lower fender that will need to be removed. Two screws and it off. Sound wise it's still loud with the baffle out but the SA is nice for the forest rides. Hot Hot Hot was the muffler vs. stock.

Anyone interested I am thinking of selling the muffler. Ready to bolt on!

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