general desert set-up CRF250R

I ride an 05 CRF250R and mostly ride open desert/mountain single track, whoops etc. The bike had some suspension work done to it when my buddy owned it but was mostly set up for a 6', 190 lb dude. I am not sure if he mostly set it up for the track or not. I am 5' 8" and 170-175 with gear. I consider myself an intermediate type rider. I would like a better ride in the listed conditions.

1. General suggestions for desert set-up?

2. Should I change out anything or keep what I have and change the settings?

3. If keep what I have, what should I do?

4. If change stuff out, what should I do?

2. Can I do the work or should I take to someone? If take it, any suggestions for Las Vegas area?


with your weight, you should be within the stock spring rates.

see if the springs have been changed at the time of the tune.

start with the correct spring rates, then see how the valving feels

for your style of riding.

sag readings ?

Unloaded measurement = 23 7/16"

Loaded with all gear measurement = 19 7/16"

Static measurement = 21 7/8"

Static Sag measurement = 1 9/16" = 39.68mm

Race Sag measurement = 4" = 101.6mm

Based on those numbers I am guessing my static sag is too much and maybe have too heavy a rear spring. I am not sure this matters but the rear spring is yellow in color. My book says the stock one should be blue. Unless I a reading it wrong.

Thoughts, suggestions?


the free sag is high but not wildly out, i would run nearer 103-105mm of sag, does it feel unstable at 101mm sag? what does it do or not do? likes/dislikes?

To be honest, I am not sure what I like or don't like because I have not really messed with it. I set the sag when I first bought it from my buddy and that was about it. I haven't messed with the clickers at all.

Here is what I would like to have if it is possible with the current suspension on the bike. I swap out on the whoops at times but to be honest, I am not sure that is suspension as much as it is myself not being aggressive enough. I do feel that I am getting beat up at times because things just feel too stiff. I feel every single bump and rock regardless of how small or large. I would like that to smooth out a bit, if possible. I am not sure I am bottoming anything out when riding. It just seems a little hard at times.

So if I get the sag settings right, should I just start adjusting the clickers and go from there? If so, I am guessing to go to factory settings and see what it feels like. Maybe go full in one direction also and see and full in the other and see. Then I can have a comparison.

I ride with some very experienced desert racers and they have A LOT of money in their suspension which ride like caddies on the bumps. I understand I cannot get that from my current set-up or without spending that cash. I want to get the best I can out of what I have and if I have to put some cash into it, so be it. But I understand that these suspensions come on the bikes pretty ready to go. It is just about dialing them in.

Basically, I have been riding this bike for 2 years and am getting comfortable on it but want to make sure I have things set up correctly for my type of riding. I continually hear how important initial sag settings are to getting everything else right.

Anything I can do to lower the static sag a bit without changing the spring?

thanks for your help and time.

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miss wrote something

if you goto 105mm sag it will feel lower than the 4mm sounds, has a tuning guide in the downloads section, but i would try full soft on compression on forks and shock(top adjusters counter clockwise) and see how it feels. If it feels loose and wallowy go back in 3 clicks at a time till it feels good.

I will give it a shot and let you know. It may be a week or so before I get back but I will try a couple of things and report back.


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