Steering adjustment question/opinions?

I bought an 09 DRZ400S new about 3 months ago, my first bike. So please bear with me if I stumble a little bit trying to explain this.

Since beginning to ride, I've had the opportunity to ride some other types of bikes and begin to form a basis for comparison in this matter, and basically there doesn't seem to be any steering tension on my DRZ. Side to side movement of the handlebars feels completely frictionless, almost like the bike has power steering, if that analogy makes any sense.

Not that I would want or expect a lot, but on other bikes, not that they're harder to steer, but there seems to be just a smidge of tension as you begin to steer from one side or the other, a little tactile feedback that you are moving the bars left or right. This is something my friends have commented on when they ride my bike.

It's my ride and I've adapted to it from the start, but just wondering if that's something that can be adjusted or should be adjusted. So far the only negative impact seems to be at crawl speeds or pulling away from a stop, it's really easy to oversteer the bike in those situations.

There should be no drag from left to right. Any resistance should come from the cables and wires, that is it.

Are these other bikes dirt bikes?

I think that with time you will find the steering normal and enjoy a highly nimble bike and ride :smirk:

There should be no drag from left to right. Any resistance should come from the cables and wires, that is it.

True, but I think what OP meant is the DRZ is TOOOOO easy to steer compared to other bikes. I am guessing that the comparison is with bikes with more relaxed rake/trail. The DRZ is a pretty quick, and light turning bike.

Actually, there should be *some* drag. With the bike on a stand and the front wheel off the ground, make the front wheel point straight ahead and let go of the bars. The handlebars should not be able to "flop" to either steering stop. If they do, you need to adjust your steering head bearings.

My DRZ feels much different steering-wise than say, my R1 does. Rake and trail play a role in that, as does the massive difference in front tires. The taller, wider bars on my Deezer offer more leverage than the low, short clip on's on my R1 do, and the steering damper on my R1 naturally slows things down a bit as well.

The other bikes are KLR650s, also dual sport, but certainly differences in rake/trail. And substantially older bikes, so perhaps they're the ones that need bearings repacked or replaced. =D

Thanks for the input - with so much information to absorb as a new rider, sometimes it's hard to figure out what to worry about and what is just the way it is. Manual says at rest with front wheel off the ground, pushing slightly on one side of the bars should cause the steering assembly to fall without further effort completely to the other side, and it does do that.

Around 5mph or trying to balance at a standstill, I seem to be sawing the bars way too far and get out of balance very quickly but that could certainly be lack of skill..

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