2003 Cr250...04 yz450f

I have a 04 Yz450f and i have been trying to sell it for 2k which is a decent price here in california. No one seems to have that much cash around here. My bike is super clean. Anyways a guy offered to trade for a 03 cr250 and was wondering thoughts on that?

My intial thought about selling my bike was to get a 05 or newer yz250 and go down the 2 stroke road.

any thoughts would be helpful. BTW the 03 cr250 is really clean too

as far as my riding goes... i do mostly desert and mountain trails... i hit up the local track/ohv area when conditions are good

Make the trade. 03 CR is a great bike and a clean one could sell for a bit over 2K anyway.

Well man to be honest everyone I know that ever trades allways get screwed over. I mean if the bike is in excellent condition and mint that would be the only way I would trade. I say just sell your 450f and have cash in hand and buy you a two stroke.

If it is nice then go for it.

I would trade it IF you're looking to ride a two stroke instead. CR is a good bike and the "problems" can be tuned. If you feel his bike has more use on it or has less value than yours, ask for his bike plus $500. You'll end up negotiating down to $250 but ask anyway. :ride:

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