2001 wr426 starting

hard to start takes a good 15 minutes to start why ??:smirk:

Need more info

Cold start??

Hot start??

Give a few details about the procedure, estart, kick start, sequence of events...does it fire and then die etc etc .

Hard to help without some details

cold or hot start does not matter it pops sometimes but if i roll start it for a while it eventually starts up and runs perfectly fine really is making me pretty mad :smirk:

Its probably going to be a trial end error process to fix it.

I would start by...

Change (best idea) or thoroughly clean and gap your spark plug...even a four stroke can "foul" a plug..happened to my buddy's KTM the other week...very hard to start all of a sudden..10 to 15 minutes of estart and kick...changed the plug in the field and back to starting immediately.

Make sure you have a fully charged battery and if/when you do get it started check to make sure your charging voltage is up around 14.2 - 14.4. If not you will be working with a poorly charged/nearly dead battery all the time.

If this is no help I would look into fuel/carb issues. Has the bike been sitting a long time? If so you may have bad gas or gummed up jets or maybe you picked up some dirt in a jet somewhere or your accerator pump is no longer properly set up etc.

On my '04...if I twist the throttle 4 times on a cold start before trying the estart...it fires up much quicker.

Fastest place to start is plug and battery.

Easy for me to say...but don't get too angry. Probably going to take some patience and a methodical "process of elimination" approach to track down what has changed (assuming you've owned the bike for a while and it used to start OK).

Good luck

More than likely, your valve clearances are too tight. You need to check those clearances before you burn up a valve. Maniac

Definitely go through the procedure for determining the correct pilot jet size. I would also check the valve clearances like others have said.

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