25+ riders

Does it seem like it takes longer to recover from this age on ?

I remember EVERYDAY I couldnt wait to ride and I did. For hours upon hours. Now, it seems like it takes a few days for my body to recover My energy levels are still high but not as high as they once were.

I eat healthy, goto the gym regularly.

Is it the inevitable aging process Im embarking on >?

haha.... YES!!! Wait til your 30.... then 40..... only gets "worse".... fitness offsets some of the age related stuff, but it is what it is...

Hmm, since I didn't get back into dirtbiking until I was 29, I can't say if 25 is the magic age, but I can say that at 36, I don't recover like I did 3-4 years ago.

Do you still get to ride every day if you want? Seat time is the biggest cure to getting over it. That's a big issue for me, I don't get to ride mid week, just Sat or Sun, so I'm lacking the consistent seat time to ride myself into better riding shape. No matter how much you run, hit the gym, etc... seat time is the best way to improve your bodies recovery time.

Haha yeah it's normal... the first few rides of the year takes a while to recover from.. as I get back into riding shape I can ride everyday as long as I don't case.. In the case of monday I over shot a table landing into the face of another table thus resulting in whiplash and it's thursday and I'm still SORE!!!!!!!!!

are u riding better at this age? my sister is a few years younger than me and will ride non stop till her gas runs out but the skill level is completely different.

Could be mental though, I know now that i have a job and all this other crap when i get hurt or take a nasty fall and am pretty soar ill lay low for a bit to make sure im healed up.

Could have a little case of mono too maybe? that will do it to ya.

LOL, try stopping riding to better support the kids racing for a few years. Then get really fat during that time. Don't forget to add a little bit of getting way out of shape to that and you end up with me!!

I have ridden more this year than the last 5 years combined. The first ride took me a week to be able to look at a bike again, I was so sore!!!

Now, I can ride every other day now. My body is gaining it's strength back in leeps and bounds. I cannot wait for the day until I can get off a bike at the end of the day and not have to have help to get in the back of a F150 to load the bikes and gear. I am working on it.

Oh yeah, I turned 40 last year and find that sprains, pulled muscles seem to hurt more the next day than they did when I was younger, but do not take much longer to heal.

My mom did no know anything about nutrition when I was growing up, so maybe that made a difference as it might have taken a long time to heal back then. My wife and I try to be conscious of what we feed the kids and ourselves, so maybe that helps now.

One thing that has been nagging me this year is arm pump, I have read all the posts and such on it, but it is still killing my MX time. I think it has to do with being out of shape still.

Yup, just wait until you are 51, soreness, bruises, bikes get heavy....

I ride hard at 50,take care of your temple and it will take care of you!

I started riding at 40. At 50, if I need to recover faster, I just drink less beer after riding.

After the first few rides of the season it gets a little easier. I run, exercise, and lift year round, but neither activity uses MX specific muscles to the extent a few hard motos do!

I think at age 37 give or take I started feeling my age, but at 25 I was in the best shape of my life. Now at 43 although still in good shape, I cant do what I use to.

After the first few rides of the season it gets a little easier. I run, exercise, and lift year round, but neither activity uses MX specific muscles to the extent a few hard motos do!

The best way to keep those muscles loose would be to swim. I'm not talking about a light swim.. I'm talking about full swimming in a lap pool. How ever swimming does not put the shock load that mx does so you would still need to stretch and still ride to keep them in shape.

Yes. I will be 30 in a month and recovery is harder...for me at least. My knees are worn and I go to the doctors every 3 months for my lower back problems. But, I'm sure it depends on your diet, exercise, family history, etc. I'm pretty sure my metabolism has stopped? lol I think about eating some pizza and my love handles get bigger.

I crashed in some rocky ruts a few weeks ago and slammed my wrist. I still can't put weight on it. It's probably fractured.

Oh well.

I'm 27 and 250lbs. Hasn't set in yet. Doesn't really feel any different than when I was a kid other than I feel less flexible. The ground feels so far away and pesky to get to. I can walk 10 miles, get up the next day and do it again... but don't ask me to squat down in the garden pulling weeds for an hour. Ugggggg.....

My next birthday is the big 3 0, so I know what you are talking about.... With me it is strange though, usually arm pump starts happening right from the start, and a couple of minutes into the ride I loosen up. I lead a pretty active work lifestyle and I account this for not being as sore as I should be.... I am 6' 2" and about 190, not overweight and am in skilled trades, so the workout at times (at work) helps out a lot. I just need to start riding bicycles and running again, that will eliminate a lot of the residual soreness that I do experience.

25? That's the prime of your life man! I'll be 30 in 24 days and although I can say that my metabolism has slowed, I don't feel like I'm any less physically able than I was at 25. Heck, I'm probably in better shape honestly. You're more likely noticing the cumulative effects of what also happens around 25.....the real world. That includes jobs that are less physical (my job to pay for college was to throw kegs around all day....yeah, I was in pretty good shape) and more responsibilities which all conspire you to lead a more sedentary life when you're not out having fun. At least that's what I've noticed.

I started riding at 40. At 50, if I need to recover faster, I just drink less beer after riding.

And more hard liquor?:smirk:

I noticed the body taking longer to recover starting around age 35 - injury, soreness etc. The good thing about being older is, now I recover from insults almost instantly! LOL

I also feel that fitness level is very important since a fit person can take more punishment and probably heal faster compared to someone who is not fit. Getting adequate fluids and hydration is critically important.

There are no secrets, after 35 or so your body slows down, takes consistent hard work to be able to stay in shape for demanding sports like dirt biking.

I also find that I ride much smoother now than when I was younger, partly due to experience, and partly because I need to be more efficient with my energy. I also don't take the chances I used to, I no longer believe I'm invincible, and I know the recovery process is much longer now.

What works for me is to find different ways to stay excited about conditioning. Last year I started doing MMA, fascinating sport to learn, and has made me a much better athlete.

It's nice to be able to hang with the young guys, but the older I get, the more I realize it's really about me being the best I can be.

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