yz 250?

How does the yz 250 compare to other 250 2ts?

Just looking for some info on the yz250. I will be trail riding, maybe hit the local track a few times, but not racing.

seems like this is a good deal


Basically all YZ250's have been good - yes since the 70's.

GOOD Deal?? - it is all relative - no one one the internet can tell you with out looking a the bike! In the ball park price - yes.

you get what you pay for.

I agree, it sounds ballpark on price, BUT, it always depends on that particular bike. Have you noticed ALOT of 2ts are advertised with a fresh rebuild? Read my other thread I just posted about the guy buying a pair of bikes...there is some info in there about what to look for.

There's only 3 2-strokes I would buy for myself, and the yz 250 is one of them. :smirk:

The others are a ktm 300 and a cr500 conversion.

Thanks for the replies.

@motorider, I did notice that a lot of 2 stroke adds state fresh rebuilds, but I'm not to worried about freshening up the top end. Gunna' be a breeze coming from my 400ex :smirk:

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