Max Weight

So I'm taking off for my first weekender with the DR. Doing the CANOL Road with 3 other DR's, an XR400, and KLR (one of the good older models)

Anyway, I've got about 80-90 lbs, plus my 220. I'll put the sleeping bag and thermarest on the fender, no need for a headlight, its all mining roads and off road.

IMS tank, eibach springs, new 606's.

How much weight is too much?

If I read my owners manual correctly, the stock DR650 can handle the "combined" weight of the machine, gear, rider, passenger, etc., but it should not exceed the GVWR of 770 lbs. total at the specified cold tire pressure. From what you mention of your weight and gear, you might be getting close, but you also mention the eibach springs, which should help carrying a little extra. Measure twice and cut once. :smirk: Hope that helps. Just weigh all accordingly and have a great weekend on your DR.:smirk:


it's more of where you put it (aside from the legal limit). Try and keep the weight between the axles and low on the bike. Pretty sure you know the drill: too far back and the front end gets light, too much on the bars and the bike wants to twist, too high and the bike wants to high-side. Probably stating the obvious here... :smirk:

i'm still waiting for the 'post your DR650 tractor pulls' thread

seriously there is no way you can add enough weight to make the engine struggle, i've tried. Go ahead strap as many bags as you can to it and fill them all with gold bricks, then add a tow hitch and fill a trailor with gold bricks and it'll still haul everything along at 120kph easily

The only limitting factor is suspension, stock springs are utterly useless and can't effectively carry a bag of air without sagging down. If you use stiffer springs and up the preload you can carry a heck of a lot

Agreed... suspension sucks. Im looking at putting on drz400 suspension with stiffer springs.

You are no way near the limits of your dr. I weigh 300 lbs. and mine doesn't seem to notice that the there's a fat ass on the seat that thinks he's still 200 lbs.and riding a kx500. I wish I could get some friends to do a weekender. They can't seem to pry themselves away from thier wives. Bitches! Have fun.:ride:

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