Ouray to Lou Creek, Nate Creek, Alpine Trail & Lake City


A group of us to an annual trip down to Southern Colorado and ride from Lake City - Silverton - Telluride - Ouray - Lake City. This year we want to add an extra day on to the ride and I've been reading a lot about Lou Creek, Nate Creek and the Alpine Trail. Is there a way to get to the trail head from Ouray without riding down highway 550 to Ridgway? There are a few of us in the crew that don't have plated bikes and obviously we would like to stay off the highway if possible. Same goes for the end of the Alpine Trail, is there a back way to get to Lake City?

No. the route you described is the only way to access those trails.

There is a back road from Ouray to Ridgway, technically still need a plate cuz its a county road but you won't see any state troopers on it. It basically parallels 550 on the west side. You then jump across the highway and take various dirt roads to owcl crrek pass road.

The best way to avoid the slab in to lake city is to just turn around at the end of Alpine and ride those 100+ switchbacks again on the way back:banana:

Remember too that lou/nate creek is not technically open til the 3rd of july, which is probably about when the snow will be gone anyway.

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