Carb questions

I've finally gotten some money together to have my 97 DR650 fixed. To recap, the bike has been sitting for over a year and developed a leaking petcock flooding the carb, airbox, and crankcase with fuel.

I've gotten a new IMS tank with new petcock and changed the oil. So now the bike still just cranks but doesn't start. Seems to me that the carb is all gummed up.

So now I have two options: 1) pay a mechanic to clean the carb up.

2) Buy a new carb from Procycle or KienTech.

Some additional delails. The head of the drain screw is stripped and should be replaced. I'm pretty sure the choke is broken, so that's a factor too.

Before the sitting period the bike seemed to run well. I got about 40-42 mpg. I'm going to be using the bike to commute ~30 one-way to work so if I could boost the mpg that would be nice.

This is not the first long time sitting period for this bike. The PO had it sitting for ~9 months and I had another period of sitting after that.

If the second option is recommended, which should I go with Procycle or Kientech?



3) Clean the carb yourself. It's a bit of work, but it's not all that difficult. There are lots of carb cleaning resources on the Web.

What's wrong with the choke? You can replace the plunger if that is damaged. As long as the choke line from the bowl is not damaged, you should be OK.

You can replace all the O-rings and gaskets, maybe the pilot jet and you should be good to go.

I guess I should have also stated that I'm in the middle of moving for a new job and I'd like to take the bike with me as a commuter. So I really don't have time to do it myself when I haven't done something like this before. I'm leaning towards option 2 since the bike has never gotten more than 42 mpg and has had numerous sitting periods. I'd like to make sure its fixed right the first time and fixing the old dirty carb might cost as much as getting a new one.

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