04? Rm 250

Hey guys, can you verify is this is an 04? Kid is asking $1700 OBO. I love my 11 450 but I rode an 04 CR 250 last week and got 2 stroke fever. I'd like to have one sitting in the garage to ride every now and then. Were the 04's a good year? Did they change much after that? Thanks!


Yeah that is an 04. From 03 to 04 was probably the biggest year of change for the RM250. From 04 on I think they did minor things like cylinder porting and changing the weight of the crank to smooth out the "hit".

From what I can tell from the left side......2004, not 2003 or older........

Front brake line....is 2004....p/v cover on left side cylinder is at least 2003 if not newer.

That's all I can tell from left side.


looks like a good buy

Thanks guys, appreciate the help!

just a heads up man he is asking $1400 on craigslist.

Wow, thanks man!! I was gonna offer him $1350 anyway, lol. I hate lowballing but I really don't need another bike in the garage. If he takes it he takes it, if not then the wife won't have any more leverage on me ;-)

Going to pick it up tonight, thanks guys. I think it's a good deal. He took $1300. I'll post some pics when I get her dolled up.

Good buy, this is a good bike!

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