HOT , HOT runing 450

02 crf 450. I`v bout this bike new it has , runs great , but it is over heating for some resin. Its not the top end , but the bottom case`s that are getting hotter than normal , it has new crank bearings , so i don`t think that is it , becuse it was getting hot befor that too , last year befor that new bearing were installed. I had the honda shop look at it , they did a presser test on the rad , and it was good , they looked at the clutche , and clutche bearing , and said it was good too ? I don`t no what it is , any thoughs. And yes i did look at the head gasket it was good.

What do you mean the bottom end is getting hot? The case halves will always get hot enough to burn you, if that is what you mean.

If it's blowing coolant out the overflow, you need to stop idling, and pick up your pace:thumbsup: These bikes need to be moving to keep cool.

Like i said , i`v bout this bike new , so i think that i should know if its running hotter than normal. I don`t let it idle , and i`m not that slow. And yes the case`s will get hot , but this is what i`d call much hotter than normal , so that when i did stop , turn the bike off i could really feel the heat coming off the caes , and this has not happen befor riding the same track , at around the same temp. Can a bad clutch plate case this ?

If your clutch is slipping, the transmission side will get hotter.

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