What makes em hard to start?

Hi i have 2 yz 250s and both of them need 3 kicks down then the actual kick to get em started. I know wen rings get worn they get hard but they both have fairly new pistons. So im just wondering wat factors make em hard to start. Thanks oh ya there both 2001 yz250's

If they have fresh top ends then I would check the reeds to make sure they arent chipped.

Reeds are also excellent

timing and carb dirty could also do that to you.

Reeds are worn out or chipped

i kick my bike 1 time to prime the chamber the she fires on the 2nd kick, always. If it takes more then its top end time for me anyway.

if the pilot circuits are clogged then they are lean at startup....do they crank easier if the choke knob is pulled up..or does that make it worse?

you may be alittle off on the pilot or air screw. Do you need the choke every time you crank it or just the first time, also when it starts does it idle up like it on the lean side. every bike has alittle trick to make them easy to crank. some you need to give the throttle alittle twist when you kick it, some you let it start and then blip the throttle some, some you hold the throttle open some. Maybe all you need is one step on the pilot in either direction and some praticing to find the trick that works best on your bike. try a new plug and check the spark on the end of the plug to make sure it's blue. take the plug out, lay it on the head in the cap and you should be able to spin the motor by hand and see a blue spark. (make sure the gap is right)

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