What Long Island thumper wants to help me change a tire?? Free 6 pack!!!


Okay, here's the deal.... all I want to do is ride, but I have difficulty with even the most basic of maintinence. My first ride out, I popped a tube in my front tire. I went to the shop to get it fixed, but instead of paying 35 dollars to have them do it, I spent 20 on some tire irons, figuring it was a good long term investment in myself.

However, I just tried to pop the tire off the rim, and all I'm doing is scratching and probably bending my rim, and making zero progress. The youtube videos make it seem so effortless, but I'm going to destroy my bike. I really just want to ride this Saturday, and I need to learn how to do this.

SO, I will bring my rim, a tube, my stupid tire irons, and a 6 pack of your choice** to your house on Saturday morning before I go to Yaphank if you can help me change my stupid tube without destroying my wheel! I guess we could also meet at the track on Saturday instead if that's what you're doing anyway, and maybe we can pit together and you can explain to me everything else I'm doing wrong (in a nice way, please). Last time I went to the track, I just sorta parked in a corner and spent the day crashing on the kiddy track while getting lapped by some little girl while her dad took pictures.

Anybody down for this? I'm dying to ride this Saturday. :smirk:

**6 pack may cost no more than $15. I get to drink one beer from said 6 pack.

If you want to go to walden, you can drink 6 said beers, or put the money in the gas tank to cover the extra driving and i'll change it for free.

Id gladly help you but cannot ride Saturday. I have my son on Saturdays. Im around Sunday but if I ride I dont think it will be out at Yaphank. Im also not from LI but Westchester, and work in the Bx.

HA! That is one hell of a funny post!

By far my favorite part: "**6 pack may cost no more than $15. I get to drink one beer from said 6 pack."

Some hints, would include, setting your wheel with tire out in the sun for a bit as well as the new tire. Spraying the edge of the tire on the rim still with the tire on it with some WD-40. Taking the nuts off of the rim lock and tube nipple, taking the insert out of the nipple and use some leather on the rim if you dont want to scratch it up. My thoughts are its a dirtbike rim - its gunna get scratched up anyways. But to each their own.

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