Stonyford Conditions 5/30/11


Me and a couple of friends staged at Little Stony campground. Rode up Crackerbox then Trail 27 on over to Trail 28. All were open and clear with little water running in the creek crossings. Then made our way up Trail 32, back to Trails 20 & 22, then up to Trails3 & 4. Both were clear with some downed trees (all passable). Then back down Trail 2 & 1 Creek was not bad and passable. We then went back up Trail 2 and up to the top of Trail 4 with little snow. We had great conditions with the Temps in the 60's and overcast.

i was there could not have been a better ride.86 miles of traction that made me feel well really fast!Squid has been busy chain sawing...thanx folks should get out and enjoy the conditions while you can.dan

i think its gona rain,

Where are you guy's from? Do you have a ride group that you go with? Or do you just post on here and see if people show up?


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