Where Does This Go?

Ok so I feel like a dumb _ _ _. I knew where everything plugged in & where all my bolts went. That is until the dealer took 1 1/2wks to get my carb accelerator pump kit in instead of 3 or 4 days they told me.


This is a '05 Honda 250X

I had to tear down a lot of the bike to take the carb out for a good flushing. That went fine. But trying to re-connect the air box to the carb became the event of the day. I was working from the left side of the bike I completely forgot about this vacuum line on the Right side!

It comes off another vacuum line on the right side of the bike via a T connector, then as the picture shows it has a 2 elbows molded into the other end.

Can somebody tell me which side of the carb it connects to?

Is it a brass nimple or is it grey? This bike has zero room to work inside the frame! I am going to have to take it a part again to connect this I'm sure.

I am just trying to save a little frustration and time when I get a chance to work on it again tomorrow.


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Sorry, but your post is very convoluted and too difficult to understand. How about you look at an online parts fiche of the items in question, it will show how they are assembled.

That is a vent line. It goes on top through the motor mount.

If sitting on the bike the plug in is on the right side and it's on the carb. Its on the bottom of the Carbs right side. Hard to explain.. Just look from your kickstarter and I think u will c it.

Ok I went back at it tonight while there were no replies with ideas yet. I wasn't crazy like I thought...

It turned out to be a breather line comings off the right side of the carb. The elbow is there to mount it or hang it from the rear motor mount up top.

She runs great again after my carb cleaning too!

Thanks for the replies guys. If I didn't go back at it tonight your answers would of solved my mystery.

Thanks guys! I posted my findings before I saw the 2nd,3rd replies.

That what I was trying to say in my previous explanation hahah

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